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The Guatemalans will most likely be deported after a short jail term.

No. The Guatemalans will be held for a few days and then sent back by bus. They'll visit their friends and families for a week or two, and then they'll be right back here again. INS knows that. The Guatemalans see it as a free trip to their homes.

The plant owners will most likely get a slap on the wrist.

No. The plant owners will call their Congress critters, who will call the directors at INS, who will call the inspectors, who will forget about any fines.

The whole "deporting illegal workers" is just a charade, played out for the benefit of those who want enforcement of silly laws. They get to think something is being done, but in really, the opposite happens.

Bush and the GOP talk about standing tall on "protecting the borders". It's just bullshit for racists. After Bush came into office, the budget for enforcement was cut by 90%.

Why? To lower the costs of labor for owners of factories, agriculture, construction, restaurants, and hotels.


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