[lit-ideas] a little bit more on nutters

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  • Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 12:59:38 -0400

One thing that I did a little further research on since reading Icke's 
"book" was one Admiral Richard E. Byrd. Apparently, it is pretty well 
documented, at least in the 'weird' realm of the Internet, that this guy 
had some strange happ'nin's at the North and South poles. For those of you 
who don't know about his "secret diary", in 1947,  the Admiral apparently 
managed to fly a plane INTO the middle of the Earth at the pole so that he 
discovered this friendly 'alien'? [who just happened to speak German?] race 
of people living in a green utopia. They were highly evolved etc. etc. and 
lived with the mammoths. Uh HUH!!!

So... since I've never actually flown to the either the North or the South 
Pole, I'm wondering if the Earth actually IS hollow like mr. Byrd 
recounted? Was this guy a total flake? Has anyone taken this seriously? If 
so, what became of it? What about him marching 4000 troops in there and 
coming out with considerable casualties? Is any of this even based remotely 
on anything real? His expeditions seem to be somewhat legendary. Why wasn't 
_I_ told about them before? Is there some vast suppression conspiracy?

seeking answers where none appear to be,
planning my next vacation


Paul Stone
Kingsville, ON, Canada 

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