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That's Lao-Tzu. Now his contemporary, Low-Tsu, author of the Great Angry 
Tao, wrote:

Brittle and angry is best. Frozen branches snap right off and do not 
wait to melt.


When Dow is present in the universe, trees make sounds and are sold as 
toothpicks. When Dow is absent from the universe, the Jade Emperor can 
give a guy a break.


 >THOUGHT OF THE DAY--I am also going to try an experiment and see if 
this is
 >>Who is it that can make muddy water clear? No one. But left to stand,  it
 >>will gradually clear of itself.
 >>Tao Te Ching

OBVIOUSLY Lao-Tzu had never heard of flocculating agents.
staying wonderfully OFF topi

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