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At 04:21 AM 10/18/2006, you wrote:

> Somebody did a study a few years ago on [symphony] conductors and
> concluded that they suffer WAAAAAAAAAAAY more heart failure and
> sudden death while performing than any other job. A lot of them have
> died in public while 'performing'.

This might be because they keep performing up until their eighties or
nineties or even beyond.

That could account for some of the older ones, but:

Felix Mottl (died 2 July 1911) aged 55
Eduard van Beinum (died 13 April 1959) Aged 58
Joseph Keilberth (died 20 July 1968) aged 60
Carl Barnett (died 23 April 1974) aged 59
Giuseppe Sinopoli (died 20 April 2001) aged 54

were all heart failures due to things other than old age. And these are just the ones who died ON the stage.


Paul Stone
Kingsville, ON, Canada

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