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Left brain/right brain maybe?  Artists and painters are in the limelight,
so their drinking and swaggering is more noticeable than 'regular' people.
I guess professional athletes are sensible too, since they're on drugs a
lot.  Painting didn't help Vincent Van Gogh live longer.  Actually, for
longevity, I understand music conductors are in the forefront.  All that
aerobic upper arm movement is credited (seriously), as, perhaps, the
accolades they receive.  The accolades is in keeping with Academy Award
winners who also apparently live longer on average than non-winners.
Speaking of (trolley car) conductors, there's a famous study, one of the
granddaddies, that trolley car conductors had significantly fewer heart
attacks than their sedentary counterparts, the drivers.  It was the first
time that exercise and health were officially correlated.  Seems hard to
imagine there was a first time.

Somebody did a study a few years ago on [symphony] conductors and concluded that they suffer WAAAAAAAAAAAY more heart failure and sudden death while performing than any other job. A lot of them have died in public while 'performing'. I think they're over-rated. It's sort of like congratulating the jockey in the kentuck derby.


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