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In light of discussion earlier on the role of The Church, I found this  
interesting and thought I would share it.  I do think it important to state  
there ARE lots of faith-based folk in existence who are tolerant and caring  
Have others heard of this?
Luck in the shadows & laughter in the light,
Marlena in Missouri
As stated on one of my literacy lists:
"This is a good piece to use as an writing exercise.  Almost everyone  has a 
strong opinion. 
I bet you'd get even the most reluctant students  writing! Controversy is 
often a good catalyst!"
"In the spirit of finding  good materials for classes on civic literacy, 
here's a basis for a
class.  Here's a possible lesson:  Discuss, analyze and debate on whether CBS 
and  NBC are supporting the Constitution of the United States of America in 
their  refusal to air an ad put out by the United Church of Christ in which 
Jesus  accepts all people, even gay couples, into their fold."

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From: NOW National Action Center
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Subject: Tell CBS and NBC to Accept LGBT-Inclusive Ad  Message

<http://www.now.org:81/t/167969/315326/36/0/> NOW Action  Alert

December 1, 2004 

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_http://www.now.org:81/t/167969/315326/572110/0/ _ 
(http://www.now.org:81/t/167969/315326/572110/0/ )   

Tell  CBS and NBC to Accept LGBT-Inclusive Ad

In a chilling display  of corporate censorship, CBS and NBC have refused to 
run a  television
advertisement created by the United Church of Christ (UCC). The  message of 
the ad is that, like Jesus, the UCC is welcoming to all people. The  ad 
includes same-sex couples, people of color and a person with a disability  Urge 
and NBC to take a stand against  discrimination and in support of  freedom of 

Please contact CBS and NBC headquarters to express  your support for airing 
an inclusive 30-second ad for the United Church of  Christ. The ad, which is 
part of the denomination's new campaign, was set to  begin airing nationwide on 
Dec. 1. A number of networks and cable outlets have  accepted the ad, 
including ABC Family, BET and Fox. In a written statement CBS  states: "Because 
commercial touches on the exclusion of gay couples and  other
minority groups by other individuals and organizations, and the fact  the 
Executive Branch
has recently proposed a Constitutional Amendment to  define marriage as a 
union between a man and a woman, this spot is unacceptable  for broadcast on 
[CBS and UPN] networks."

NBC also deemed the ad "too  controversial."

Please call or e-mail  <http://www.now.org:81/t/167969/315326/572111/0/> 
CBS and NBC  headquarters to let them know that you support the United Church 
of Christ's  message of fairness and equality and want the ad to air 
nationwide.  Refusing to air the ad stands in the way of freedom of speech, 
freedom of 
 religious expression and democracy.

CBS: 212-975-4321

NBC:  212-664-4444 


The United Church of Christ  was set to launch its first-ever nationwide 
advertising campaign on Dec. 1.  Research conducted by the UCC found that many 
people across the country have  felt alienated by churches; this new campaign 
designed to welcome all  people, regardless of ability, age, race, economic 
circumstances or sexual  orientation, into the UCC.

The 30-second ad shows two bouncers outside a  church, choosing which people 
may enter and turning down a male couple in the  process. The voice-over 
states "Jesus didn't turn people away. Neither do we." A  female couple appears 
among the diverse group of people shown at the end of the  ad.

A long list of TV outlets accepted the ad, including ABC Family, AMC,  BET, 
Discovery, Fox,
Hallmark, Nick at Nite, TBS, TNT and TV Land.  Unfortunately, on Nov. 30 
negotiations broke down between church representatives  and network officials 
CBS and NBC. 

"The networks' attitude would be  comical if it were not so frightening," 
said NOW president Kim Gandy.  "Apparently the networks, which ran seemingly 
endless negative ads during the  election season, are now prepared to redefine 
word 'controversy,' and ban  all mention of any subject which might offend 
the new morality police at the  FCC."

We must stop this kind of broadcast censorship in its tracks. Your  action 
(http://www.now.org:81/t/167969/315326/572111/0/) >   is needed immediately.
Marlena  Boggs                  mboggs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Adults Services Specialist     816-836-5200
Mid-Continent Public Library   http://www.mcpl.lib.mo.us

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