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Doesn't anyone use Abebooks anymore?
Julie Krueger
(oh, and btw, it's always worth a look at eBay for books)

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> Weird.  I'm getting a  listing as follows:

> Bookseller: The Chestnut Street  Bookshops
> (Berea, KY, U.S.A.)
> Price: US$ 4.80
> [Convert  Currency]
> Quantity: 1
> Shipping within U.S.A.:
>  US$  4.50
> [Rates & Speeds]

Solved, I think. When I did my first  search at abebooks I gave the  
title as The Lore and Language of School  Children. (It's  
'schoolchildren.') The nine expensive offerings I came  up with were  
listed by their sellers as '.....School  Children.'

I've been having good luck with Amazon's 'used and new'   
selections--especially for paperback mysteries and recent   
trendy-but-ultimately-unsatisfying novels. Most of the time 'like new'   
mysteries and 'thrillers' go for a US penny. I suppose they make it up   
on the shipping charges. Even so, it beats the local drug  store.

Robert  Paul

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