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Lawrence,   is your OED slipcased in heavy green cardboard with a  
little drawer at the top for the magnifying glass?   I think I might 
have the same one.    I haven't been able to compete in the 
encyclopedia competition, but have smiled at the enthusiasm.  

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What? David Ritchie, famed collector of reference materials and
encyclopedias doesn't have an OED???  I have difficulty believing 
that.  I
myself have a rather difficult to use OED.  It's not at all suitable 
for a
weak-eyed fellow like myself but it is an OED; so I'll have to give 
an extra point in our competition.  It is the complete OED minus 
printed in 1971 in two volumes complete with a magnifying glass so you 
read them.  I think I bought it at about the time it came out.  
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