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Subject:        CONF: Exploring Awe and Wonder - Agenda
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Exploring Awe and Wonder
Interdisciplinary Conference
6-­‐‑8 September 2013

Institute for Simulation and Training
University of Central Florida, Orlando

Supported by a research grant on
Space, Science and Spirituality from the


Friday, September 6

9:30 Registration

9:45-10am Welcome: Shaun Gallagher

10-11:30 Wonder: From the child to the philosopher (Moderator: Mason Cash)
Scott Howard, Simulated innocence: The perspective of childhood and the
fragility of wonder
Brian Onishi, Wonder as repetition: The perpetual beginning of philosophy
Joshua Blanchard, Abraham Heschel on wonder, awe and radical amazement

11:45-12:45 Valence and ineffability (Moderator: M. Strawser)
Antoine Dussault, The Complex Valence of Awe and its Role as a Moral Emotion
Nikolas Montgomery, When words fail us: Wonder, awe and philosophical
approaches to ineffability

12:45-2pm Lunch

2-3:30 Intellectual possibilities (Moderator: Steve Fiore)
Natalia Pietrulewicz, Awe, wonder and alief
Steven Pittz, Wonder, aesthetics and skepticism
Teri Merrick, Can a mathematically elegant cosmos evoke wonder?

3:30 Coffee

4-4:45pm Awe and aesthetic experience (Moderator: Lauren Reinerman)
Jörg Fingerhut, When Does Art Elicit Awe? The ‘Natural’ and the
‘Artificial’ in
Aesthetic Experience

5-6pm Keynote Lecture (Moderator: Bruce Janz)
Michelle Shiota, The “most beautiful emotion”: Subjective, expressive,
physiological, and cognitive features of awe

7pm Conference Dinner

Saturday, June 7

9:30-11:30 Space, Science and Spirituality (Moderator: Jeffrey Williams)
Patsy Morrow, Two neurophenomenological experiments
Shaun Gallagher, Hermeneutical explorations: From outer to inner space
Lauren Reinerman, The neuroscience of awe and wonder
Bruce Janz, Wondering about wonder: The phenomenology of unprecedented

11:30-noon Panel Discussion with Jeffrey Williams

Noon-12:45. Cultural effects on awe (Moderator: Benjamin Aguda)
Jörg Trempler, How popular culture shapes our expectations about space

12:45-2pm Lunch

2-3pm Space, literature, and history (Moderator: Patsy Morrow)
Holly Henry, Dreams of other worlds
Tilmann Siebeneichner, Rocket science and spirituality in a belligerent
world: The Nazi-Wunderwaffen, 1940-1945

3-5pm Awe and wonder in Media (Moderator: Eileen Smith)
Catherine Newell, From conquest to curiosity
Allison Whitney, The awe of the astronaut: IMAX space films and
discourses of wonder and the sublime
Eric Boynton, Evoking wonder: Terrence Malick’s films and Martin
Heidegger’s philosophy

5-6pm Keynote Lecture (Moderator: Shaun Gallagher)
Jesse Prinz The wonder of art

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