[lit-ideas] Re: Wittgenstein's Whistle

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For the record then the citation:

What we  can't say we can't say, and we can't whistle it either.


is  dated 1929 and comes from Ramsey's "General propositions and 
causality", repr.  posthumously in 1931 in "The foundations of mathematics"

From wiki: "In  1929 Ramsey and Wittgenstein regularly discussed issues ... 
The contributions of  Ramsey to these conversations were acknowledged by 
Wittgenstein in [his]  later work. [Ramsey's] philosophical works included 
General propositions and  causality (1929). Wittgenstein mentions him in the 
introduction to his  Philosophical Investigations as an influence. Suffering 
from chronic liver  problems, Ramsey developed jaundice after an abdominal 
operation and died on 19  January 1930 at Guy's Hospital in London."  

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