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Welcome to the list, Karl.  Please don't  expect any philosophy out of me.  
abjure philosophy.  It's the  Devil's workshop.  Never think twice, I say, 
and seldom once.   "Let your needs be your guide."   I think Kant said 
Or maybe  it was me.  Who knows?  Who cares?  Here's a hint on how to play  
right on Lit-Id:


Ditto, Willkomen.

Oddly, the  Americans (some of them) say, 'well-cum'. But it's not 'cum' as 
in 'cum', nor  'well' as in 'well'; it's well as in will.

In Italy they say benvenuto,  well-come. But they _are_ Italians.

Oddly, I once had a lover whose name was Droegge, and he was from Northern  
Germany, although his father was from Groningen, Netherlands -- lovely area 
 that: PlattsDeutsche and all that -- I LOVE the Frisians, and have been  
repeatedly to Leeuwaarden, and my favourite book EVER is "Riddle of the 
Sands"  with Michael York.
Isherwood loved Hamburg. He visited often, but then he spoke fluent German  
("Hello, sailor") -- just joking.

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