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"Coming from" wink wink.  After all the talking about myself that I do, for you 
to not know my cultural and religious background, then that answer is as good 
as any.

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Jews (and I have been part of a Jewish community, so I am in a position to 
know) are far less puritanical about sex than Christians.  I believe the 
general Jewish position (again, Jews are not a monolith), is that it is not a 
"sin".  I seriously doubt, however, that any groups of Jews get together and 
discuss how they masturbate any more than any other group of people do.  Jews 
do not consider sex shameful or dirty.  Nor do a large percentage of 
Christians.  I would love to know your cultural and religious background.  It 
would help a lot in our communication to know where the person I'm talking to 
is "coming from".

Julie Krueger

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