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Rolling eyes, merely
Julie Krueger

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Mike Geary wrote:

>  JK:
>>> God punished Onan because he failed to honour his  cultural familial 
>>> responsibility out of jealousy and  resentment. <<
> Yes, this is what I was taught  by the priests.  Onanism is synonymous 
> with coitus-interruptus,  not jacking off.  He was smote dead on the 
> spot by God not for  spilling his seed but for breaking the traditional 
> cultural  practice.

But that ruins Dorothy Parker's name for her parakeet.  It  was, as you 
all already know or might suspect, Onan.
Why was Parker's  parakeet named Onan?
Because he spilled..........

"Never attribute to  malice that which can be     
explained by incompetence and  ignorance."         
John Wager     john.wager1@xxxxxxxxxxx
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