[lit-ideas] Why The Compressor Shorted To Ground

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Geary writes (I'm minimizing his references to God):
>Preventive maintenance, especially cleaning the 
>condenser coil,  oiling the fan motor, tightening electrical connections may 
>well have  prevented or at least forestalled this burn-out.
Out of the explanation, a Popperian may produce an explanation of why it  did 
short to ground:

Preventive maintenace, viz. 
      (i)  Condenser coil gets cleaned.
      (ii) Fan motor gets oiled.
      (iii) Electrical connections get tightened. 

The 'compressor' does not 'short' (to ground).
Via reductio ad absurdum we negate the premisses:
      Non-preventive maintenance, viz.
      (i) Condenser coil is not clean, but  _dirty_.
      (ii) Fan motor thirsty of oil
      (iii) Electrical connections loose.
     Ergo, the 'compressor' shorts to ground.
---- The question is whether we need to apply the <> ('necessity')  operator:
     <> Coil is dirty
     <> Fan motor is dry
     <> Cable connections lose
     <> Compressor shorts.
I don't think so. As Geary notes, "it ain't necessarily so". So what we can  
at most get is
a probabilistic explanation.
Geary wittily adds a human factor -- for it's _people_ who have to _intend_  
to clean the coil, oil the motor and tighten the connections.
In this respect, a 'compressor' is a human-teleological thing, unlike a  
milk-cow called Bossy who'll supply _milk_ regardless.
   author of "Nature and Artifice: The Distinction and How Not To  Make It"

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