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If we consider the cooperative principle

from wiki
"Make your contribution such as it is required, at the stage at which it  
occurs, by the accepted purpose or direction of the talk exchange in which 
you  are engaged." 

Maxim of Quality
Be Truthful
Only say what you  believe to be true. 
Only say what you have evidence for. 
Maxim of  Quantity

Make your contribution as informative as is required for the  current 
purposes of the exchange. 
Do not make your contribution more  informative than is required. 

Maxim of Relevance
Make your contribution relevant to the  interaction. 

Maxim of Manner
Be Clear
Avoid unnecessary prolixity 
Avoid  ambiguity. 
Be brief. 
Be orderly. 

We try to apply to Grice's example:
    A:   Why is he called  "Grice"?
B:   Because he is Grice.
Is that unimpeachable, as R. Paul seems to be suggesting?
It's a break of every maxim, possible and real! -- Kripke  notwithstanding.
Surely the intelligent, not idiotic answer would be:
    "Why not?"  (alla Mad Hatter). 
JL Speranza
   Buenos Aires, Argentina
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