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Odd: There would seem to be a positive correlation between being a highly cited
author and being a relatively unread author. I would not deny the possibilty of
a causal connection here, though I wouldn't bet my Volvo on the direction of

Having profitlessly read some Bourdieu and having never cited him;
having studied with Foucault profitably and having never cited him;
having met a Mafioso version of Jack Derrida who made me an offer I could not
understand ... and could not accept it.

Walter O

P.S. On practices: A. MacIntyre is essential reading. (Although he's a kind of
Thomist of late, not a Kantian.:)

Quoting David Ritchie <ritchierd@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> I hope I'm not transgressing by reposting below a call for proposals  
> from another list.  My intent is to begin a thread that considers the  
> contemporary notion of "practice."  What caught my eye, is the idea  
> that Medieval aristocrats had "practices," which may have influenced  
> "conservationist practices."  This to me sounds anachronistic, silly  
> even, but I wonder if I'm missing something useful.
> Here's the wikipedia definition of the term, "Practice is a concept  
> widely used in social sciences such as sociology, anthropology, and  
> archaeology, referring broadly to anything people do[1]. It overlaps  
> with the Weberian notion of social action and theMarxist concept of  
> praxis. Notably, Pierre Bourdieu emphasized the role of practice in  
> his theoretical framework[2] ."
> Here's the entry on Bourdieu.
> His work emphasized the role of practice and embodiment or forms in  
> social dynamics and worldview construction, often in opposition to  
> universalized Western philosophical traditions. [snip] Bourdieu has  
> been listed as the second most-cited author in the humanities by The  
> Times Higher Education Guide, behind Michel Foucault and ahead  
> ofJacques Derrida.[4]
> Has anyone here read Bourdieu?  With profit?
> David Ritchie,
> Portland, Oregon
> From: "Fleming, Donald F." <FlemingDF@xxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: CFP Kalamazoo 2011: The Medieval Hunt, Mechanism of Lordship
> Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2010 17:15:06 -0400
> Seigneurie, a society for the study of the nobility, lordship, and  
> chivalry,
> invites paper proposals for two sessions at the International Medieval
> Congress in Kalamazoo, MI, May 12-15, 2011.
> Session 1:  The Aristocracy and the Medieval Hunt
> This session will explore a major leisure pursuit of the medieval
> aristocracy across Western Europe, a pursuit firmly rooted in class
> privilege and ideology and tied up with issues of legality, social  
> conflict,
> morality, and ecology.  Many fundamental questions are difficult to  
> answer,
> however: Why did the aristocracy hunt? How did they conceive of  
> themselves
> as hunters? How did their practices influence conservationist practices?
> What insight do laws and regulations provide as to the social context of
> hunting and the disputes it engendered? What ethical and aesthetic ideas
> were present in the courtly hunt? This panel invites papers focused on  
> the
> relationship between the medieval aristocracy and the hunt, broadly
> conceived, that consider these questions or related ones.
> Please submit one-page abstracts for a 20-minute paper and contact
> information (name, email, and affiliation) to Ryan Judkins of Ohio State
> University via email (rrjudkins@xxxxxxxxx) by September 15, 2010.

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