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> >A.A. Implicit in this is that violence against boys is acceptable.  Do
> >think it is?
> No, not acceptable -- inevitable. I'm just saying that putting out such a 
> statistic [like 100% of boys are victims of assault by age 18 is
> meaningless]. It doesn't tell us anything and it's actually deceitful, 
> precisely because they include silly things like affirmative answers to 
> 'have you ever had a wrestling match with a friend get out of hand' or 
> 'have you ever engaged in after-the-whistle pushing and shoving in a
> event?'. My point is that if you throw a big enough net, you'll
> catch all the fish under whatever rubric you throw.  You can prove
> if you relax your limitations enough. If you use the same kind of
> for boys as you do for girls then you MUST conclude that the man abuse 
> problem is out of hand, when in fact, it simply isn't. In other words, of 
> course spousal/child abuse is not to be condoned, but the 'problem'
> isn't as far-reaching as it is purported by certain interested parties.
> everyone includes things to beef up their numbers when those things are 
> actually "outliers".

A.A. I would agree with you if the world weren't such a mess and violence
weren't so acceptable as a method of solving problems.  But the world is a
mess.  Without zero tolerance, even with it, it's a slippery slope because
we love our violence.  Even philosophers are not immune, as we saw them
battling it out earlier.

> > > It all depends on how you define 'mental illness'. It all depends on
> > > 'violence' is. It all depends...
> >
> >A.A.  I define violence as anything that invades my personal space
> >my consent.  I find that kind of invasion unacceptable.  How do you
> >violence?
> Well, a friend of mine was convicted, not just charged, but CONVICTED of 
> assault for yelling at someone. I don't think yelling is violence. Was
> prick who charged him with yelling a victim of violence? No, but he
> be in the future if karma really does work.

A.A. There was a time when people were aghast that men were stopped from
hitting women.  In many parts of the world they still think it's ridiculous
that big can't hit small.  An enlightened judge sentenced your friend, in
my opinion.

Andy Amago

> not as pissed off as I come across,
> paul
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