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So Lawrence is correct: al Qaeda was created by Leftists! :- )

But this means Leftists were fighting against the USSR? I'm sure he can logically explain that one.


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Someone recently (I can't go back and look it up) glossed over some details
and said the U.S. created Saddam Hussein.  It seems to me someone in the
past said something similar about Osama bin Laden because the U.S. supported
the mujahadeen in their insurgency against the USSR after the latter's
invasion.  The decision to support Saddam against Khomeini was made during
the Reagan administration, but who made the decision to support the Jihad
against the USSR in Afghanistan?

Wright, p 99: "Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was the U.S. national security
advisor for the Carter administration . . . saw the invasion as an
opportunity.  He wrote to Carter immediately, saying, 'Now we can give the
USSR its own Vietnam war.'  Looking for an ally in this endeavor, the
Americans naturally turned to the Saudis - that is, to Turki, the
American-educated prince who held the Afghan account. . . . [who] became the
key man in the covert alliance of the United States and the Saudis to funnel
money and arms to the resistance through the Pakistani ISI.  It was vital to
keep this program secret in order to prevent the Soviets from having the
excuse they sought to invade Pakistan.  Until the end of the war, the Saudis
would match the Americans dollar for dollar, starting with only seventy-five
thousand dollars but growing into billions."



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