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  • Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004 08:16:01 +0100

Le 9 d=E9c. 04, =E0 01:56, Erin Holder a =E9crit :

> So I've been thinking about going up to the Yukon Territories this=20
> December. I
> checked the prices to Whitehorse, and you wouldn't believe how cheap=20=

> it is.  I
> think that's because no one ever goes there, and why would they when=20=

> it's -45C?
> But really, you're only as cold as you feel.  Truly.  Sure, it's like,=20=

> $2000 if
> you want to take a plane, but by BUS?  Well, that's only $200!  It=20
> only takes
> 86 hours to get there.  Of course, I'd only get to spend a day there=20=

> before I'd
> have to come back, but what's there to see in Whitehorse anyway?

M.C. In December=A0? Not a whole lot. Be sure to take a side-trip to=20
picturesque Carcross, Yukon, where there is (or was a few years ago) a=20=

bar with a bottle of whiskey containing the house specialty : a=20
Klondike goldigger's toe (that, at any rate, is what they tell=20
travellers). Careful, though, it's back luck to swallow it. A sip of=20
this speciality will nicely accompany the stories you will hear, for=20
instance the tale of the 1905 Whitehorse Nuggets hockey team, who=20
travelled for 23 days, partly by dogsled, to play against Ottawa in the=20=

Stanley Cup. Sadly, they lost 23-2, with One-eyed Frank Magee scoring=20
thirteen goals for Ottawa. Those were the days.

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