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I was in high school in Chicago (in a warily integrated school). It was a black social studies teacher who announced the death to us. He seemed to turn white. I only remember stunned silence, but I thought on the way home that it must have been the Russians and this would lead to war. (Ah...naivete, thy name is ursula.) This was the era of air raid shelters in back yards and drills in the schools and the Russians were the enemy. Pogo would tell us later that the enemy was us. I was fifteen.

As to this social studies teacher, he showed this girl from the south side of Chicago that there was another life -- a life of the mind -- I wish I could tell him what he meant to me.

Ursula, going back a long time...
Mike Geary wrote:

-- I remember when it was announced in the schools in Memphis that President Kennedy had been assassinated, in most of the white schools here, there was cheering and jubilation.

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