[lit-ideas] Re: Where is Where and What is Actually Happening?

  • From: Donal McEvoy <donalmcevoyuk@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2012 14:09:54 +0100 (BST)

 From: David Ritchie <profdritchie@xxxxxxxxx>
>  This is equivalent, for those of you oriented to U.K. geography, of saying 
>that something that happened in Southampton took place "in London."  Temecula 
>is 84 miles from downtown L.A. >

This is not necessarily equivalent, as the size of the countries is not 
equivalent (hence Duluth may be "near" Hibbing where in U.K. terms the distance 
between is not so near).
Hence the American boasting he could drive on his land straight for twelve 
hours without reaching its boundary and the Englishman saying, "We used to have 
a car like that."

Of course, insofar as Temecula is distinct from L.A. and Southampton distinct 
from London, it may be a mistake to conflate them - but this may be so 
irrespective of distance.


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