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Eric Yost wrote:

>>You're not allowing for the possibility of a draft...
Yes I am. A draft takes a long time to yield combat-ready soldiers.

The way the selective system law is set up, 5 to 7 days after the draft is re-instituted the first draftees will be reporting for basic training. That takes 9 weeks. Another 13 for Advanced Infantry Training or Humvee driving, and you can get thousands of troops out in 6 months.

Plus drafted troops generally underperform.

I knew lots of draftees in Vietnam. It was a myth that they were "cannon fodder;" the number of draftees out in the jungle versus the number back in base camps was about evenly divided. Draftees perform quite well in most roles; any particular reluctance to fight sometimes means they have even more motivation to do their basecamp job well. And I think it an EXCELLENT idea that there are a few people in every unit that think the whole idea of a war is NOT something they personally want to be involved in; I don't think you would have seen as many prison abuses, etc. if there had been some draftees to say to the volunteers "Wait a minute guys! That's just wrong."

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