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You're not allowing for the possibility of a draft...........
Julie Krueger

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>>Meanwhile, domestic supporters see you as  unwavering and 
just the sort of person to lead a country in difficult  times.

War will NOT happen. Consider our troop levels. In the  
military, fielding one division requires two in reserve: one 
division  leaving the scene, one division training for the 
scene, and the division  that is fielded. That's how it works.

When Clinton reduced the number of  divisions in the 
military, he overthrew the decades-old plan of our military  
being able to fight two major theater wars simultaneously. 
Consequently,  we do not have the divisional strength to wage 
a conventional war against  Iran.

This was also the problem with troop strength in Iraq. 
Before  Clinton, we had 18 divisions; after Clinton, about 10 
poorly-equipped  divisions, which meant we could field three 
divisions at best. (As stated  above, for every active 
division there has to be two: one leaving the scene,  one 
training for it.)

If we had Gulf War I troop strength, we could  have put 6 
divisions in Iraq and that would have pacified the place.  
When General Shinseki requested 500,000 troops for Iraq, he 
was  essentially asking for four or five more divisions which 
we didn't have ...  and that's why they gave him the boot. He 
was telling them we didn't have  enough troops to pacify Iraq 
and they didn't want to hear it.

I  believe we had about 90 divisions during WW2 -- feel free 
to correct me on  this -- and so our having only about 1/9th 
of our WW2 strength gives you a  relative idea of our 
capacity for force projection.

Also, Clinton  broke up the functions of Army units to put 
things like PsyOps and other  functions into the 
Reserve...which is why we have to call up so many Army  

So relax. We're not going to wage conventional war in  Iran. 
Also I'm just telling you how it works, and not blaming 
Clinton.  He probably had no idea we'd need more divisional 
forces ... although he  should have funded a lot more 
equipment  maintenance.

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