[lit-ideas] Where There's a Will There's a Way (Pun Intended)

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  • Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2006 20:06:00 +0900

The possibility of imminent war with Iran has me pretty upset, and,
ordinarily, I think of George Will as a pompous ass. But who am I to
disagree when he writes in the Washington Post

"To a Republican Party increasingly defined by the ascendancy of the
religious right, the Foley episode is doubly deadly. His behavior was
disgusting, and some Republican reactions seem more calculating than

"Foley's name remains on the ballot in Florida's 16th Congressional
District, which means that Democrats, who needed 15 seats to capture
the House, now need just 14. Thirteen, actually: In Arizona's 8th,
where Republican Rep. Jim Kolbe is retiring, Republicans used the
primary to vent, nominating a probably unelectable fire-breather on
the immigration issue.

"After the 1936 election, in which President Franklin Roosevelt
shellacked the Republican nominee in all but two states, a humorist
wrote: "If the outcome of this election hasn't taught you Republicans
not to meddle in politics, I don't know what will." If, after the
Foley episode -- a maraschino cherry atop the Democrats' delectable
sundae of Republican miseries -- the Democrats cannot gain 13 seats,
they should go into another line of work."

John McCreery
The Word Works, Ltd., Yokohama, JAPAN
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