[lit-ideas] "Where Bloom The Lemon Trees"

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Knowest thou the land where bloom the lemon trees, And darkly gleam the  
golden oranges ? A gentle wind blows down from that blue sky ...

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karltrogge@xxxxxxxx writes:
> I never met ANYONE who spoke TWO languages  correctly.

A. Perhaps you should get out more often.


B.  Given the egregious errors in your attempts at other languages on  
this  list (ESPECIALLY German), how would you KNOW?


When I go  out, alas, I meet the wrong kind of people. I met a German in a 
bar the other  night. He was proud of being such a traveler. I said, "But 
where is your home".  He said, with a strong accent, "I have no home". I said, 
"You are homeless". He  said "fuck you". But he was.

Yes, German is difficult, but blame my  teachers. I never had a German 
nanny, or anything. My teacher was Kant. He has  this long contrived sentences 
that are unverifiable anyway. I started to  memorise Goethe, "Faust" for a 

Kennst du  die land wo die Zitronen bluhen

but then I got hold of the opera by  Boito, "Margheritta" which I found 
more to the point.

I would think that  while it is almost impossible to say if a person has no 
mistakes in a language,  it's very EASY to say, "he speaks a deficient 

Back to 'he has  two tongues'. "He is a brick". It's only natural that "She 
is a tit" is not an  insult, for they have, by nature, _two_.


J. L.  Speranza
Where the Lemon Tree  Blooms
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