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  • Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2006 00:38:18 -0400

Eric Yost wrote:

I'm surprised that you see no national attempts to live up to the Constitution. Granted you have an unhappy relationship with the US, having been forced to flee during the Vietnam years, but surely your dislike of Bush doesn't extend that far.

Ursula: Eric, of course I see attempts to live up to the Constitution. But they're not national. They're local, human, grassroots attempts. If I believed in God, I'd say those people were doing God's work. And, Eric, I was not 'forced' to flee the U.S. And, Eric, my dislike of Bush has no bounds.

If you are just talking only about war-fighting, and calling the US barbarian, surely you realize that if we were truly barbarian, by say Mongol Invasion standards, the wars would be over. The Iraqis and all the Afghan resistance would be dead, and any survivors would be serving as our slaves.

Ursula:  Mike already answered this.

Even if we weren't barbarian by Mongol Invasion standards, but just less scrupulous than we already are, a lot would be different. Remember Mullah Omar? He was in sights of an AC-130 gunship and the gunners were waiting for the go-signal to take him out. This ambition was hampered by a JAG, who questioned whether the act would amount to firing on a civilian. And so Mullah Omar escaped.

Ursula: And you obviously disapprove of the JAG who hesitated. Doesn't that make you less scrupulous than you already are?

If you want to see worse than the USA, you don't have far to look.

Ursula: My disapproval of what the U.S. is doing doesn't imply that there aren't others who are doing worse. Why do you think that's an answer to critics of the U.S. administration? What's particularly galling about what the U.S. is doing is that so many Americans still think they're the good guys. Wake up and smell the coffee, as Ann Landers used to say.


China's Brutal Crackdown on Dissidents
By Andreas Lorenz in Beijing

China's Communist Party officials are employing brutal methods in dealing with difficult citizens. The most recent victim of what appears to be government-sanctioned brutality was a farmer who suffered a broken cervical vertebra when he was attacked by thugs.

And 250,000 innocent Iraqis are dead, every one of them mourned by sons and daughters and mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers and husbands and wives and friends and lovers.


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