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How quickly they forget. From their infancy to their first words and steps, we 
brought up our children according to the commonsense advice of Benjamin Spock. 
And so did everyone else we knew. 

'Generations of children around the world have been reared on Spock's fatherly 
advice, dispensed in a simple, straightforward and reassuring style. Indeed, 
Spock's book became the modern bible of baby care, and he himself enjoyed near 
universal acclaim as America's favorite doctor."

His /Baby and Child Care/ was first published in 1946, and the eighth edition 
is still in print. I'd bet a fair sum that far more children have been brought 
up according to Spock's theories than according to those of B. F. Skinner and 
his ilk.

The sott. net article strikes me as bad history 'supported' by and in turn 
putting forward far-fetched generalizations. Any 'survey' of Western child 
rearing practices that fails to mention Spock is a monument to the ignorance 
Andy routinely deplores.

Robert Paul

> And this is before all the spankings and brainwashing and who knows 
> what all. 

> http://www.sott.net/articles/show/239869-The-Dangers-of-Crying-It-Out-

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