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I think the restriction refers to performance, not to reading passages to your 

My son gave my wife and I Kindles for Christmas. As a result we've changed our 
book buying habits to a large extent, and buy e-books from Amazon a good deal. 
Many of the Penguin classics and the Oxford World Classics are available as 
e-books, and many university presses have e-books available at far less than 
their outrageous hardcover and softcover prices. The exceptions include 
Princeton, which is still selling paperback volumes of Kierkegaard at $50-60 
rather than at more modest Kindle prices.

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On Apr 10, 2012, at 3:19 PM, cblists@xxxxxxxx wrote:

> I don't have, but - until I read the following - had been considering 
> purchasing, an electronic book 'reader'.
> In searching the Internet for William Gaddis' AGAPE, AGAPE, I noticed the 
> following 'additional details' appended to the listing for the Adobe eBooks 
> edition:
> Adobe PDF eBook Rights
> Copying not allowed
> Printing not allowed
> Lending not allowed
> Reading aloud not allowed
> The first two or three seem straightforward enough (the lending restriction 
> seems a bit severe; it's hard to imagine not lending out a book).
> BUT can it possibly be true that, should I purchase an eBook copy of this (or 
> any other book with similar 'rights' attached), I would be agreeing (in a 
> legally binding way) that I would not read the book aloud to a friend / loved 
> one / family member?
> Do people actually, by buying such eBooks, agree to such a restriction in 
> (what to me is an essential component in) the life of a piece of literature?
> Chris Bruce,
> more thankful than ever for his
> 'outsider borrowing privileges'
> at the local university library, in
> Kiel, Germany
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