[lit-ideas] Re: What, then, is wanting to know?

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On 2/28/07, Walter Okshevsky <wokshevs@xxxxxx> wrote:
Just want to clarify that my commentary on John's questions assumed the
accuracy of the positions attributed to A and N respectively. I make no
comment on the validity of these attributions at all.

Only a suicidal Education student would ask the prof teaching a required
(or elective) course in philosophy and education such a question. It's a
sure mark of a failure in professional accountability and a lack of
respect for one's own personal well-being. (The latter are not
themselves needs, wants or desires - or any other kind of heteronomous

In the spirit of Liberal Education across personal values and cultural

It is interesting that our resident disciple of the great Immanuel K.
should resort to a remark that confirms Foucault's view: in effect,
"You will learn, or you will be punished."


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