[lit-ideas] Re: What the Tortoise said to Achilles

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  • Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2012 02:24:01 -0500

>> Excerpt from a comment in the daily InsideHigherEd.com.

'The so-called "No Child Left Behind" policies have given us a crop
of students nearly incapable of drawing conclusions on their own--so
to teach critical thinking, we have to teach what thinking is

Would not solely blame the NCLB for that. Am reminded of Joyce Carol
Oates' essay, "On Subversive Children's Literature" which compares
Alice as problem solver in her Wonderland with the feeble, drudge
bear cubs in the Berenstain Bears, who always ask the authority
figures for help solving problems. If the same situation applies
vis-à-vis tot-lit, the same robotic, polite, clueless
unique-snowflakes may have been mentored by it.

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