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It isn't just students.  Here's a slogan from the tea party retirement age 
set:  "Keep your government hands off of my Medicare."  They obviously have no 
clue that Medicare *is* the government.  It would be interesting to know 
what people think Medicare and Social Security are.  It's been suggested that 
education is deliberately lobbied against, sabotaged behind the scenes by the 
1% to maintain a plutocracy.  Obviously the Founding Fathers anticipated some 
version of keep your government hands off of my Medicare when they created the 
electoral college. I can't remember the actual statistic from Susan Jacoby and 
can't find it, but something like 30% of high school students think the Civil 
War was in the 20th century.  

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Excerpt from a comment in the daily InsideHigherEd.com.

'The so-called "No Child Left Behind" policies have given us a crop of 
students nearly incapable of drawing conclusions on their 
own--so to teach critical thinking, we have to teach what thinking is first.'

Robert Paul,
caught in  a syllogistic web

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