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Some octopuses are curious, some are belligerent, some are sweet.

I once worked on a project that included a dotcom named octopus.com (the current website is another company).

Someone at octopus.com got the bright idea to have a live octopus in the lobby. So they put in a 200-gallon tank, threw in the octopus, and put the receptionist in charge of Mr. Octopus.

I asked her "What's it like to take care of an octopus?"

She rolled her eyes. "You wouldn't believe how much trouble they can cause. They're worse than cats!" Mr. Octopus escaped from the tank whenever he could. They piled bricks on the glass top and he could still lift it and get out. He would get out, roam around the office at night, and return to the tank.

She also said he was very sweet. He knew her and let her pick him up and carry him around. He would watch whatever was happening in the lobby.

Bottom line: don't get an octopus.

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