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Quoting joerg benesch <jgruel@xxxxxxxxxx>:

> Robert Paul schrieb:
> > (...)If turns out that this is the only criterion perhaps the True 
> > Scotsman needs to be taken out of his case in the British Museum so 
> > that he can be seen to be stuffed with straw. Let the light shine upon 
> > him. If however there are other criteria, for philsophical 
> > seriousness, would it really hurt to list one or two of them?
> > (...)
> Now would one say the following piece of modern philosophy is about 
> showing the straw, or about some other criterion? -:
> "Listen to the witty [sic!] manner in which one played once upon the 
> shallowness of this pride. A certain man once bitterly attacked another 
> who had taken to himself falsely the name of philosopher, not for the 
> purpose of true virtue, but for pride of fame; he added to his attack 
> that he would know soon whether he was a philosopher, when he saw 
> whether the other bore with meekness and patience the insults he heaped 
> upon him. The other showed patience for a while and took the insults as 
> though he scoffed at them, until he said, " Do you now see that I am a 
> philosopher? " " I should have, had you kept silence," said the other 
> stingingly. But we are speaking of great men: and I ask, what do they 
> gain from fame..."
> , Boetius' original here: 
> Given the calm ataraxia amidst floods of obnoxities that's exposed so 
> often on this list, Id say that, if anywhere, true philosopers can be 
> found at least here (Yet are they also necessarily Serious?).
> barba non facit philosophum
> joerg
> clean-shaven in Suebia

W: Notice that even a response of "I offer you silence" would reveal oneself to
be a fraud. (Who is that masked man, anyway?)

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