[lit-ideas] What a day! - important addendum

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On 16-Jul-12, at 10:10 AM, I wrote:

Lots of stuff (I choose the colloquialism deliberately to note in passing the query, 'What IS the ontological status of past historical events?') happened on this day in history ...

and somehow forgot to mention that today is Pinchas Zukerman's 64th (please, no humming of ... oops, too late) birthday!

I still remember fondly the days of discovering what is referred to in some quarters affectionately, if somewhat irreverently, as 'the Itzy and Pinky show': Pinchas Zukerman's duets and collaborations with Itzhak Perlman. I was (somewhat belatedly) being introduced to and educated in what I have come to regard as one of the pinnacles of human achievement: virtuoso violin playing.

Pinchas Zukerman & Marc Neikrug playing Beethoven's 'Kreutzer' sonata:


Chris Bruce,
who took mercy on his family's aural suffering, and gave up
trying to teach himself to play the violin after 1 week, in
Kiel, Germany
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