[lit-ideas] What Rodin Was Thinking When He Composed His "Penseur"

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"What were you  thinking?"
"Obviously I wasn't thinking, so it couldn't have been me what  done it."

Mike Geary
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Exactly. We have, in Buenos Aires, an immensely stupid replica,
and in the Square of Parliament too of that horrible statue,
  "Le penseur" by Rodin.
I detest Rodin immensely. His disciple has another statue in
Buenos Aires, a monument to Alvear. The thing was so good
that when the thing was completed in France, the French did not
want it delivered to Buenos Aires. 
Rodin's Penseur is nothing compared to good Greek sculptures
of athletes. A male must do athletics. A girl sculpture on the  other
hand is apparently okay if she just displays her torso. No arms
even necessary, apparently (note how the sculptor of the canon
of the Venus of Milo sagaciously deleted the arms in the well
known statue).
You pass by Rodin's Penseur and I see a pensioner. Not seated
next to him. I see, in the statue, a pensioner. I don't think he
is thinking. He seems depressed, looks autistic, in need of
some trimming, and down in the depths enough not to worry
or care about the pigeons shitting on his shoulders. Is this art?
JL Speranza
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