[lit-ideas] What I've Done For the Environment Lately (was Speaking of weapons technology...)

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  • Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2006 12:42:32 -0600

I don't like to think of myself as better than my fellow man, but obviously I am in that I care so much about the environment. I care so much that I never walk on the grass. That kills grass. I had my yard paved so the grandkids could play in the yard without killing the grass. Also, because we all spring from the earth, I never eat anything that grows out of the ground. That's like ecological cannibalism -- yuck. Also I only eat cows because cows fart methane and methane can explode. Every cow I eat means one less explosion. It's like being anti-war and pro-environment all at the same time. Also I drive a pickup truck because it gets low gas mileage and until we run out of gasoline then people will just go on polluting the atmosphere with CO2 because people are evil. Every gallon of gas I consume brings us closer and closer to the day when there is no more gasoline to pollute our environment. It's expensive to drive a pickup, but the environment comes first in my book. I'm willing to make the sacrifice. I don't say I'm noble, just caring. I take environmentalism seriously. Also, professionally, I refuse to recover freon, I just open the valve and let it loose because freon in the atmosphere depletes the ozone layer which increases ultraviolet radiation which can cause genetic mutations which should increase the likelihood that we'll someday evolve into creatures who can survive high levels of ultraviolet radiation -- a change absolutely necessary if we hope to live for centuries traveling through outer space looking for a inhabitable planet. Let it rip, I say. I love the smell of freon in the morning.

Mike Geary
Thinking globally, acting locally
in Memphis

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