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On Jun 1, 2007, at 2:36 AM, Kahn, Rupert wrote:

Forgotton? I'm pretty sure that I never new about this. And people say that Health and Safety evaluations just stop people getting on with their work.

I'm pretty sure I posted a similar link several years ago. Before your time perhaps.

Today's Oregon whale news update is that federal officials are considering prosecuting a high tide which is thought to have interfered with the whale gravesite, exposing fully one third of the buried body. Sergeant D. Fyender of the National Oceanographic Survey Police said that the forces of nature need to be better informed, "Not many of them know that it is a federal offense to uncover a dead whale's upper parts, even on a beach."

Officials are now looking into moving the whale to a hole in the ground somewhere above the high tide line.

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