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Watermelon working


Those days watermelon working,

Do you remember?  Going in early,

Lying in the straw, waiting

For the truck, and then riding

From store to store loading

The shelves.  I was stacker,

The job with the most prestige,


And I was the best:

It was only fair, and when

I discovered Chaucer and Montaigne

It was much the same,

But you refused to try.

Reach in, ignore the thorns

And pull, and in one flowing moment


You could have seen it fly, 

And I with eye ever clear

Would have caught it and seen it

Fitted in its place

I always said, but in the end

Left you waiting

In the straw.




The Best Tools


But after that were

The Marines who might be said

To most aggressively confront

The world, and I wished the best

Tools, feeling there was too much

Already out there

To have to recreate.


From five-hundred yards

I could see the bull's eye

And hit it all ten times.

I was ready for anything

After that.  The weaknesses

Of Twain, the novel Dreiser

Failed to write,


The Open Boat that carried

Me into other seas

I needed to navigate

Like Slocum voyaging 

Around the world


In his Snark.



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