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Haywood Craven
Vice Preside Customer Relations
Febrile North America

Dear Craven,

Your papyrus has been forwarded to this office by Hellenic Solutions GmbH. Hellenic Solutions is a division of ThalesCorp.

In order to serve you better, we ask that you fill out our 'Orpheus' form by answering a few 'personal' but simple questions.

(1) How did you hear of our company?

a. Divine revelation (excluding the Pythia at Delphi) ___
b. The Philosophical Gourmet ___
c. The Tunbridge Wells Privateer-Gazette ___
d. A friend ___
e. Rumor (excluding Cassandra) ___
f. Other ___

(2) What is your favorite color?

a. Dark wine ___
b. Purple ___
c. Deep bronze ___
d. Laurium Silver ___
e. Other ___
f. They all look alike ___

(3) What best describes your reason for writing to us?

a. A deep, lifelong interest in the origins of the Kosmos ___
b. I wasn't getting any younger ___
c. Personal problems of a confidential nature ___
d. I like to get to the bottom of things ___
e. I lost a bet with my girlfriend ___
f. Sparta sucks ___

(4) Some have said that a little learning is a dangerous thing.

agree ___ disagree ___ not sure ___

(5) If you could become directly acquinted with the Forms by taking a pill, would you take it?

yes ___ no ___ not sure ___

(6) The Sicilian Expedition was a big mistake.

agree ___ disagree ___ not sure ___

7. Which best describes your knowledge of mathematics?

expert ___ sharpshooter ___ marksman ___

8. Would you be prepared to relocate outside Attica?

yes ___ no ___ not sure ___

9. Which of the following have you heard of? (Circle all that apply.)

The Kennelly-Heaviside Layer
The Flemish School
Mr. Toad
spark plugs
The National Trust
The Fab Four
Fritz, das Wunderhund

10. Is there anything more we should know about you?

yes ___ no ___ not sure ___

Thank you, Craven! After we receive your completed form you may expect to hear back from us some time during the next Olympiad.

Yours faithfully,


South Athens

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