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I heard St. Augustine land on his head with a thump on the garbage heap as
I read this, along with the entire Middle Ages.  Man is no good, Christ had
to die for us, etc.  It's curious that Christ didn't die of pneumonia.  He
had to be tortured to death by fellow humans.  Think that says anything? 
Likewise Marlena's confirmation that people are a bunch of zombies who need
G-d to help them get through a day.  It strikes me that the natural
condition of this big brained imbecile called man is to live in a perpetual
Middle Ages.  Astonishingly, 54% of Americans in the 21st century believe
that man sprang full blown from the head of God, in other words, oppose
Darwin.  I imagine what's astonishing to the 54% is that 100% don't believe

Eric, when people are alone, unless they're torturing animals or hurting
themselves or writing computer viruses, by definition there can be no evil.
Discussing group behavior is discussing evil.  So we return to our
conclusion that humans are either crabs in a bucket without god or sheep
with a shepherd with god.  Marlena, how do Christians reconcile that god
made both the lion and the lamb, and he made it the lion's job to eat the
lamb?  BTW, Marlena, can you supply examples of when I attacked you
personally?  Specific quotes would be appreciated .

Andy Amago

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> Eric Yost wrote:

> "Instead of all this evil stuff, couldn't it just be that people are born
> egocentric and make varying degrees of progress away from egocentricity
> total self-concern?"
> The Christian doctrine of Original Sin has nothing to do with evil nor is
> a judgment that everything is bad.  On the contrary, it is the assertion
> that all that has been created is good but that something has gone wrong.
> It arises out of the experience of knowing what we want to do but doing
> something else, something that turns out badly for us.  Furthermore, this
> decision is not made in ignorance but knowing the consequences.  It is a
> matter of the will and how human willing has made the world less than it
> be.  For those cultured despisers of religion this may be difficult to
> appreciate but the doctrine of Original Sin is fundamentally optimistic
> hopeful.  In fact, the doctrine offers up an optimism that one rarely
> among the despisers since it begins with the view that all there is, and
> that includes human beings, is good.
> This may also be difficult to appreciate but it is this optimism that
> me to be a pacifist.
> Sincerely,
> Phil Enns
> Toronto, ON
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