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On Jun 18, 2011, at 10:31 AM, Jlsperanza@xxxxxxx wrote:
> I would think that "Oh what a lovely war!" -- the musical -- contains a lot 
> of slang. I never was able to see the apparently bad rewrite in film 
> format with  Maggie Smith -- but some of the songs of this 'revival' of 
> genuine 
> Great War  songs are glorious: 'Make a man of any one of you' must be my 
> favourite, plus  all that hymnal rewritten stuff. 

Made with Sussex university students playing extras.  Before my time, however.  
You'll find, as I did when teaching "The Shock of World War One and the Birth 
of Modernism" this semester, that excerpts from the movie are available on You 
Tube.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x308MIPPUyA


And then, of course, one song leads to another, 

As for my "what did you do in the war, daddy," project...I would, of course, 
have to take into account the work of my Ph.D. advisor.  Here are the subheads 
in Hughes, "Consciousness and Society": 

9. The European Imagination and the First World War
I. The Generation of 1905
II. Peguy and Alain-Fournier
III. The Novelist and the Bourgeois World: Gide and Mann
IV. The Moral Legacy of the War: Spengler and the "Elders"
V. The Literary Sensations of the Post-War Years: Hesse, Proust, 

10. The Decade of the 1920's: The Intellectuals at the Point of Cleavage
I. The New Philosophical Interests
II. The Social Question
III. The Role of the Intellectuals: Mann, Benda, Mannheim
IV. A Generation in Retrospect

David Ritchie,
preparing to see "Life with Father" in
Vancouver, Washington

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