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Wanna drive an extra two hours after visiting your bro's and have coffee in  
Btw, I hate St. Louis too.  You can't get anywhere from anywhere  else.
<< I've never been able to carry a tune.  To me my singing  sounds good, 
sounds lovely, sounds right on.>>
You're right about Gregorian Chant.  On the other hand, ever hear of  Shaped 
Note Singing?
Julie Krueger
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I'm headed out in the morning to St. Louis to visit  my two brothers who, it 
so happens, live in St. Louis.  I've always been  disappointed by St. Louis.  
A Catholic named city should have some  Catholic traditions, like sin.  
Catholics love sin, that's why they (I  almost said "we") invented confession.  
You're a bad, bad boy, "ego  te absolvo, now go in peace and TRY to keep your 
hands to yourself".   I love the Catholic Church.  You have to search high and 
to find any  Protestant hymn that can even begin to compete with the simplest 
Gregorian  Chant.  And competition, of course, is what religion is all about. 
  God loves competitive sports or at least competitive choiring.  When I was  
in St. Mary's Seminary, I was not allowed to join the Schola Cantorum because 
I  couldn't sing on key not even a well known melody, however the director of 
 the St. Mary's Glee Club was a Tennessean and he let me be in the Glee Club 
as  long as I promised to shut up whenever he signaled me.  I did, encouraged  
that apparently, sometimes, I could be on key.  I've never  been able to 
carry a tune.  To me my singing sounds good, sounds lovely,  sounds right on.  
must have a very fecund imagination judging from other  people's reactions.  
Fuck 'em.  Singing's not about beauty, it's about  exuberance.  It's about 
celebration.  Except to others,  apparently.  They want musicality.  Have I 
you lately how much I  hate the world -- ah, that must bring a smile to Andy's 
heart!  To be  locked outside the sanctum sanctorum!  Music, my lovelies, is 
the only real  art.  All else is just plodding through verbull stuff.  Even  
painting.  Painting's not art, not for most and maybe not even me, not  until 
can verbullize what's going on.  Then, Ah ha! I see the  artistry!
But then, this is all bullverizing.  I don't  know shit from shinola about 
art or philosophy or economics or psychology and  almost absolutely nothing 
about history or literature or sociology or theology  or anygoddamnology.  I 
a few sentences, that's all.  And I  know absolutely nothing about math -- 
just ask Erin who's desperate for  math majors -- I don't even know what I 
Not even that.  Except  THAT -- that's all I know -- that I don't know what I 
want.   So  now I do know what I want!!!I want to know what I want!  Thank 
you, Baby  Jesus!  It only took me 62 years!  
Happy weekend my friends, 
Mike Geary

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