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in effetti dallapicoola non e' male non ha in verita' nemmeo di lontano inventato vol de niut quanto infatti G. verdi non hainventato rigoletto o V. Hugo..

speranza, speranza....

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why on earth speranza, this jumble fo the title in  italian of a french


why on heaven, you ask. To  honour you and your culture: Italia. I recently
learned there is an opera (my  current passion) thus called:

I learned about it in one of my favourite  opera reference books: the
Arnoldo Mondatori (Milano) "Repertorio della lirica  dal 1597". It's so 
the operas are ONLY catalogued chronologically. So  this one is:

opera in one act by the GENIAL Luigi Dellapiccola (nato 1905  -- morto
Libretto by Dellapiccola, based on Saint-Exupery.

Prima: Teatro della Pergola (no less) Firenze, 18 maggio  1940.


Pauli,  Baldii

Conductor: Fernando Previtali

The  action takes place in Buenos Aires, around 1930.

"This was the first time  dodecaphonic music was used in Italian opera"

In 1929, Saint  Exupéry moved to South America, where he was appointed
director of the Aeroposta  Argentina Company.,In "Vol de Nuit", the pilot is
lost (on the Patagonian plain)  while flying through a storm:

         "We don't ask to be  eternal. What we ask is not to see acts and
objects abruptly lose their meaning.  The void surrounding us then suddenly
yawns on every side."

Saint-Exupéry was little known before this out of the literary environment
(though André Gide supported him and wrote the foreword to the first
edition),  and as a result his name was made.

Later, he experienced visual and auditory hallucinations. The fable The
Little Prince begins with a pilot being marooned in the desert. On the evening
of 31 July 1944, he left from an airbase on Corsica, and was never seen
again. A  woman reported having watched a plane crash around noon of August
the first near  the Bay of Carqueiranne off Toulon. An unidentifiable body
wearing French colors  was found several days later and buried in Carqueiranne
that  September.

While "The Little Prince" _was_ made into an opera, I find it slightly
feminine for my taste (but pretty); and thought that by titling "Volo di Notte"
this, I might confuse Geary or Palma.

And don't you agree that 'invisible pour les yeux' _is_ 'tautological'?
Play with the expression till it loses all meaning.


   Buenos Aires, Argentina
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