[lit-ideas] Voila La Differance!

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  • Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2004 22:07:20 EDT

I was checking if the OED recognises Derrida's (I think) coinage,  
"differance". Apparently, it does not. There are a couple (of) quotes by  
Derrida, but 
none on the 'differance'. Matter of fact, under 'difference', the  OED notes a 
variant spelling, 'differance', but fails to give a quote for  it.
... Hence,  differance. When spoken in French, differance sounds no different 
difference, a clever subtilty that, again, is lost in the  translation. ... 
www.cyberartsweb.org/cpace/  theory/maslin/Differance_750.html - 2k - 
- _Similar pages_ 

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