[lit-ideas] "Violent": An exercise in paronymy

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Why do  men like violence?  Do women?

Mike Geary
There are five things to consider here:
-- there is no mention of 'aggression'.
-- it's all about 'violence'
-- amoebas: were they gender-specific? They were not. So the philosophical  
point is to consider sexual dimorphism and provide, if possible, an 
evolutionary  point about it.
-- male/female work better than men and women. It's TOYS that 'soldier'  
boys like (vide Lyrics to "Little Man, You had a busy day", 'the war has been  
won, the enemy is out of sight, put away your soldiers...')
-- what is the meaning of 'males LIKE violence'. What does 'violence' first 
 apply to. What does 'violENT' first apply to? etc.
J. L. S., Bordighera, etc. 

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