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--- On Fri, 19/6/09, Jlsperanza@xxxxxxx <Jlsperanza@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> Palma has yet not told us where he
> was born. Am  I to take it's VENETO? And 
> where in VENETO?

JLS has not yet told us where he was born. Am I to take it was a manger? And 
where in the manger? And were the cattle lowing?

JLS' facetitious, factitious, and ficticious digressions continue to beckon 
like arcania from the main route, but we might be best avoiding them. JLS has 
suggested he moves so fast it is hard for others to keep up, but he does not 
seem to acknowledge that with each move he tends to take the goal-posts with 
him, making any worthwhile "game" very difficult to play.

Who likes to come on as a substitute and score a late winner, if you're asking
Darkening England

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