[lit-ideas] Re: Vie et Morte de Michel Foucault

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  • Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007 00:40:55 -0800

Does someone know the address of the sauna were Foucault used to go, and have anonymous sex with lots of people? I've been to Paris but either the saunas are very hidden, or he went to the out-of-town ones.

I think it was a bath house at the intersection of rue Soufflât and rue Victor Cousin, a few blocks west of the Pantheon. Oh—THAT Foucault...

The gay bathhouses changed frequently. Foucault's favorite places are certainly long gone now, and the buildings are probably offices for politicians now. Those places weren't really hidden; you just had to know who to ask.

I'm in Paris every few years. I lived there for a year back in the 80s. It's remarkable how much that city can change. Some of you fellows may remember Rue St. Denis. Sadly, that's all gone. The street has been yuppiefied; it's now a long series of cafes, fruit stands, boutiques, and so on. Pigalle also changed quite a bit. I stayed once at the Chat Noir, which many of you have seen as posters.

I like the new Paris. The people are much nicer, and it's generally cleaner and lighter.


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