[lit-ideas] "Vice President Chomsky"

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  • Date: Sat, 06 Sep 2008 02:36:35 -0400

It would make a great movie, perhaps an ongoing TV comedy. Chomsky could be played by someone who can bring off that old 1930s Edgar Kennedy "slow burn" (such as when Harpo Marx trashed Kennedy's lemonade stand).

As President I imagine a dogmatic conservative Democrat, or dogmatic liberal Republican, played by Bill Pullman. Neat, always freshly shaved, sporting a resinoid "execu-hair" doo, robustly healthy, somewhat intelligent but also sublimely indifferent to Chomsky's long vituperations in the senate.

Situations abound: clashes with the First Lady, with the Secret service, at National security meetings, awkward meetings with foreign heads of state, and growing throughout the subplots, Chomsky's exasperation at the increasing disdain of his former comrades.
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