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> >I also dislike when people give "Over the Hill" birthday cards, but try
> >find one that doesn't have some variation of that.  It all speaks to how
> >normal it is to insult someone and call it "love".  But that's the way
> >humans are, they'll fight tooth and nail to be jerks.  Not you
> >specifically, everybody is that way.
> When was the last time you laughed? 

Mmm, let's see.  I thought Play It Again Sam was pretty funny.  That was
around 1974.  That's a movie that the first time I saw it I sat in the
theatre and wondered what everyone was laughing at.  The second time I saw
it on television, I laughed so hard tears actually ran down my cheeks. 
Then I saw it a third time and I was back to the first time.  Same thing
with Blazing Saddles.  First time, death.  Second time, hysterical.  

>I mean, slap your knee, piss your 
> pants, split a gut laughed? Guffawed? 
>Something has to be funny. Tell 
> me a joke Reney. Tell me a funny joke. We'll get five independent 
> lurkers to judge whether it's funny. I honestly don't know what you 
> would possibly laugh at. 

Actually, I think I have a pretty good sense of humor.  Over the years
things that I used to think were funny aren't funny anymore.  But I love
comedies.  The problem with comedies is they're soooo bad most of the time.

>OF COURSE there has to be brunt, 

Why?  Why does humor have to be at somebody's expense?  It's one thing to
laugh at one's self.  It's an act of aggession to laugh at somebody else. 
The laugh as evolved roar idea.

just make 
> it mike geary. He's a thick-skinned young man.

Let Mike use himself and everybody else use themselves.  In other words,
keep your hands to yourself.

> here's a starter:
> A nun, a priest and a rabbit walk into a bar
> The bartenders says "what is this some kind of fucking joke?"
> Who was hurt by that?

Nobody, because nobody was in it.  I did get a link from a friend that I
thought was pretty good.  It's in my other computer.  It's too late now. 
Next time I turn it on, I'll send it.  

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