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Niamh's a lovely name!  and so's Ondine.

(So long as you're sure she's an MLL!!)

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> Today a new Marxist-Leftist-Liberal entered the world.  My daughter
> the baby of the family, gave birth to her own baby, a girl -- source of
> more Marxist-Leftist-Liberals!!!!  Might as well surrender now, Lawrence.
> But even if you don't, you're invited to share in my joy.  They have
> to call her Niamh.  Unfamiliar with the word, look here:
> NIAMH (pronounced Neeve): a Celtic word, means "brightness." From Irish
> mythology, Niamh of the Golden Hair, from the Land of Youth, where no one
> ever grows old.
> Oh, that poor child!  Well, it should help her develop patience.
> Actually, she wasn't born, she was plucked.  The kid just didn't want to
> leave her warm womb room, so by God, after 15 hours of labor, the powers
> that be just went in there and pulled her out kicking and screaming.  The
> description of the C-section by my son-in-law who was in the room was not
> pretty.  Not one little bit.  Thank you, God, for making me male.  Thank
> you, thank you, thank you.  I'll take an occasional kick in the nuts to
> birthing children any day of the week.
> A toast to Niamh:
>         Through the throat of a thrush
>                   the Spirit sings
>                       Celebrate!
>         Life is not what you make of it.
>                            Life
>               is how you partake of it.
>             Here's looking at you, kid.
> Mike Geary
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